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            作者:Xu Rongxiang 出版社:CHINA SOCIAL SCIENCES PRESS 發行日期:2009 September
            'Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science' is a fire-new scientific concept. It is the study focusing on innate regenerative potential of human body cells and regenerative nutrients. And it is a comprehensive new system in life science which utilizes human body regenerative potentiality and exogenous regenerative nutrients to achieve regenerative restoration in situ for acquired defects, premature aging, mutation, severe diseases and premature apoptosis of human body. Its core scientific technique is the 'In Situ Human Body Regeneration and Health Preservation Techniques' involving 'Induction of Stem Cells from Somatic Cells' and then 'Regenerative Restoration of Tissues and Organs In Situ'. That is: with the supply of human body regenerative nutrients and the core techniques, to realize the human body regenerative restoration in situ;
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            Part Seven: Clinical Corroboration

            3. Discussion of the Future of Regenerative Medicine and The

            2. Research Status of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine an

            1. Consideration of Scientific Paradigms and Research Reason

            Chapter Five Interpretation of the study on ‘Induction of St


            The dream of the stem cell has been fulfilled in an eastern

            Challenge the epic magnificent dream with iron cold reality

            Life is not yet a machine which can be disassembled freely.

            Closing remarks

            Chapter Six Comprehensive Organ Regenerative Restoration and

            Life basis of regenerative restoration

            Basis of human body regeneration

            Composition of the food

            Bioclock plan of regenerative restoration diet and the mecha

            How to eat

            How is an aged cell regenerated?

            The mystery of cancer and the relation between cancer and re

            Chapter Seven Gastrointestinal Organ Regenerative Restoratio

            Part One: Preface

            Part Two: Brief Introduction of the Technique

            Part Three: Four Effects, One Plan



            Chapter Two Results of Clinical Research

            Chapter One Scientific Announcement

            1 Regenerative recovery of traumas

            2 Regenerative restoration ofr severed fingers

            3. Regenerative healing for distal necrosis and ulcers due t

            4 Regenerative restoration of skin scar tissues

            6 In situ regenerative restoration of gastrointestinal muco

            7 In situ regenerative restoration of multiple organs

            Chapter Three Results of Basic Research

            8 Research on rResearch on regenerative anti-cancer

            2. Period of deciphering the secret of somatic cells being i

            1. The earliest period of histological discovery

            3. Period of repetition of in vitro animal cloning tests (19

            4. Period of regenerative restoration of animal tissues and

            Chapter Four The Establishment of Human Regenerative Medicin

            Part Four: Research about the Effects and Mechanisms

            Part Five: Scientific Corroboration

            Part Six Direction of Usage

            Chapter Eight In situ Regenerative Restoration and Rejuvenat

            Part One: In situ Skin Regenerative Restoration & Rejuvenati

            Part Two: Examples of in situ Skin Regenerative Restoration